Discover How Online Learning Dashboards Track and Transform Teacher and Learner Progress

Now you can boost educator and learner success through a live online Learning Dashboard.

How is Technology Enabling Improved Learning?

The abundance of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) is evidence of the technological advancement achieved over the past few years and a testament to collaborative educators’ enduring passion and innovative spirit.

LMSs offer convenient learner management via centralized course automation, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery. In conjunction, virtual learning software facilitates efficient online teaching, offering sophisticated educator instruction and learner engagement and management tools. Features include screen sharing, multi-user whiteboards, note and file sharing, chat and messaging options, breakout rooms, polling and smart slides, recordings, and microphone and webcam access control, with BigBlueButton’s ongoing and advanced developments leading the way.

What Is BigBlueButton’s Solution?

BigBlueButton’s online education bespoke open-source web conferencing software integrates or plugs into your LMS to offer a comprehensive toolkit. Our features increase engagement and effective learning through helping students ‘remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create.’

While accessing and applying these functions during lessons is easy, recalling, evaluating and addressing student participation and engagement is more complicated. Why is this assessment critical? In digital learning, as with traditional physical classroom learning, raising learner attainment is a crucial goal.

Happily, learning outcome reports indicate that real-time assessment substantially increases attainment. In-lesson real-time assessments could include end-of-class surveys, polls, and anonymous quizzes, all proven to enhance learner outcomes and attainment.

However, what if we told you there was also a way to monitor vital in-lesson metrics, live?

Having real-time access to learner status, outcomes, and statistics during class can speed up teacher intervention times, the ability to use this valuable data to support learners through more meaningful parent engagement, and administrator access to more accurate performance assessment.
Hence, access to an in-lesson summary overview of learner status and progress is increasingly essential.
That’s where our online Learning Dashboard comes in.

Why a Live Learning Dashboard?

An online Learning dashboard offers real-time monitoring, visualization and capture of in-classroom, synchronous learning activities to inform educators, add valuable insight, facilitate vital learner goal setting, and progress tracking.

So, look out for BigBlueButton’s new Learning Dashboard early December, part of our new BigBlueButton 2.4 update release.
In the meanwhile, find out more about BigBlueButton’s online Learning Dashboard.

Why Our Learning Dashboard?

We call this innovative new analytics feature your ‘teacher’s co-pilot’ for a good reason. Validate your intuitive choices while ensuring efficient data-driven engagement decisions with valid, reliable and accurate classroom information. Stay on top of who’s in attendance, engaged and learning via real-time classroom session user metrics, including:

  • When did each learner join the session? 
  • How long have they been in attendance, and are they still online?
  • Who is directly engaged and talking, and for how long? 
  • Who is sharing their webcam, and for how long? 
  • Who is messaging, responding with emojis and hand raising? 
  • What are the learner poll responses?


Moderators can use this detailed overview feature to monitor who is absent, who may need encouragement or drawing out, and who could benefit from additional attention and content mentoring. Then, immediately address any engagement or understanding concerns through our constantly updating live dashboard. 

So, why not embrace our new Learning Dashboard? It’s easy

Once you’ve logged into your LMS as a moderator, you can access the Learning Dashboard by selecting it under the tools (gear) icon. Our user-friendly navigation allows you to switch between views, facilitating fast performance gauging and appropriate and effective action.

Prepare to Adopt BigBlueButton’s Virtual Learning Dashboard Today

Optimize your impact and empower your students with this dynamic, live overview, detailing by name the status, statistics and overall activity score based on talking, messaging, emoji use, hand raising, and poll data for individual learners.

Early December and the new BigBlueButton 2.4 release with free access to our Learner Dashboard are around the corner. While you wait, feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or ideas. We develop our designs and innovation based on your requirements and input, and your satisfaction is our success.

About BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is an education-specific, open-source virtual classroom that is natively integrated by over 75% of the world’s learning management systems including Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, D2L, Jenzabar, and Schoology.

BigBlueButton focuses on empowering teachers to engage remote students for effective online learning. This is a result of collaboration with educators world-wide over the project’s 10+ years of development. Our goal is to enable every student to have a high-quality online learning experience.

BigBlueButton is localized into over 55 languages, supports LTI 1.1., and is commercially supported by companies around the world. For more information on BigBlueButton and how to leverage it for online teaching at your organization, visit