BigBlueButton is a Global Project

BigBlueBlueButton is currently localized in over 35 languages (thanks to contributions of language files from our community).

To analyze the installs of BigBlueButton, we recently looked at the web logs for our apt-get repository. Each time a BigBlueButton VM starts for the first time, or each time a developer/administrator installs BigBlueButton from packages, it downloads files from the web server running on our apt-get repository. By analyzing the incoming IP addresses logged by the web server, we can approximate the installs for BigBlueButton.

Over the last year there have been approximately 61,000 BigBlueButton servers installed in over 163 different countries. The pie chart below displays the top 20 countries from this list. We only counted unique IP addresses, so the real number is probably slightly higher (multiple installs behind a firewall only count as a single entry).


Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials

Trainspace, an Australian-based company, recently conducted a trial of BigBlueButton as part of the Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials, a program under the government’s National VET (Vocational Education and Training) E-learning Strategy (Strategy).

The full report of the BigBlueButton trail available is available on-line.  It contains a good analysis of using BigBlueButton, along with survey results such as asking the effectiveness of BigBlueButton as an educational training tool.

The report also gave a number of recommendations for improving BigBlueButton (with our comments on each recommendation):

  • Keyboard text entry into whiteboard – This improvement is on the road-map (and we’re working on getting it into the next release)
  • Break out rooms – It’s not planned for the next release (0.81), but it`s also on the roadmap.
  • More instructions at login regarding use of headsets removal of noise when headsets not plugged in -Agreed!
  • Polling – Seneca College recently implemented a polling module that we working on integrating.


BigBlueButton 0.80 Released

We are pleased to announce the FINAL RELEASE of BigBlueButton 0.80.

We’ve had the 0.80-RC3 candidate out for about two weeks and it’s looking good. For 0.80 final, we changed the labels, updated a few of the locales, and tagged the release in GitHub. It’s now done and available for download and installation.

BigBlueButton 0.80 is the tenth release of BigBlueButton. This release has gone through 4 betas and 3 release candidates. We believe the focus of BigBlueButton’s development should be stability, usability, and features (in that order).

BigBlueButton 0.80 represents our most stable and tested release to date. We believed it will provide a solid platform on which other open source projects and commercial companies can build upon.