BigBlueButton 0.80 Released

We are pleased to announce the FINAL RELEASE of BigBlueButton 0.80.

We’ve had the 0.80-RC3 candidate out for about two weeks and it’s looking good. For 0.80 final, we changed the labels, updated a few of the locales, and tagged the release in GitHub. It’s now done and available for download and installation.

BigBlueButton 0.80 is the tenth release of BigBlueButton. This release has gone through 4 betas and 3 release candidates. We believe the focus of BigBlueButton’s development should be stability, usability, and features (in that order).

BigBlueButton 0.80 represents our most stable and tested release to date. We believed it will provide a solid platform on which other open source projects and commercial companies can build upon.

WebFWD Summit II

Mozilla is an global organization dedicated to open standards and web-based innovation. An example of their efforts is WebFWD: Mozilla’s open innovation program that supports open source projects that extend the web.

Since last fall, BigBlueButton has been a member of WebFWD. Last week, two of BigBlueButton’s developers — Marcos Calderon and Fred Dixon — attended the WebFWD summit II in Mountain View, CA.

The summit packed as much learning, coding, team building, and great food that we could consume in four days. It was awesome! We benefited from coaching and mentoring sessions with select Mozillians on Friday, a hack day where we did code sprints and collaborated with other developers in the Bay area who were interested in our projects on Saturday, a pitch session on Sunday where we refined our messaging, and a live broadcast on Monday over Air Mozilla on the status of our projects.

Building a successful open source project isn’t easy. We’ve been working on BigBlueButton for over four years now and, while building something of value is never easy, it is easier with the first-class support of Mozilla behind you. On behalf of the BigBlueButton community, I want to thank Diane Bisgeier and Pascal Finette, the two principals of the WebFWD team, and all the great people at Mozilla who shared their time and expertise during the WebFWD Summit. Your definitely helping BigBlueButton to succeed!

This post made our day

This post in our bigbluebutton-users mailing list made our day.

Hello Fred & Team,

I thought this would give you a chuckle, my department has been asked to pilot Adobe Connect and we are having some trouble on day 1 trying to get into the same meeting room. My colleague works in another part of the building, and we need to see what each other is doing to troubleshoot so I said “Why don’t we open a BigBlueButton session so we can talk about our problems with Adobe Connect?”… much laughter amongst ourselves… Ladies and Gents, do we have a clear winner or not?? Thank you for producing a product that is above all easy to use!

Best Regards – Deb @ Plymouth State University, Learning Technologies