BigBlueButton Developer Summit on Sunday, August 28, 11AM – 2PM EDT

BigBlueButton Developer Summit on Sunday, August 28, 11AM – 2PM EDT

The BigBlueButton developers will be holding a three hour on-line developer summit on Sunday, August 28, 11AM – 2PM EDT.

For information on agenda and registration see this announcement in our developer mailing list.

The on-line sessions will be held with BigBlueButton itself (of course!). A recording of the sessions will be available after the summit.

BigBlueButton at Sakai 2011

BigBlueButton at Sakai 2011

Omar Shammas and Fred Dixon recently attended the Sakai 2011 User Conferencein Los Angeles to demonstrate the latest version of BigBlueButton.

We showed the upcoming integration with Matterhorn 1.1 and an build of BigBlueButton 0.8 with record and playback. We also held a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session to answer questions about the project.

The Sakai community puts on a very good show. This was our second year attending. Last year, we estimate about 20% of attendees had heard about BigBlueButton. This year, the number was around 60%.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to talk directly to universities and colleges who had already deployed BigBlueButton and share our road map. Looking forward to attending the Sakai 2012 conference!
Omar recently created the localization server at See previous blog post. Fred is one of the BigBlueButton committers.

BigBlueButton Android client now supports video

BigBlueButton Android client now supports video

The GT-Mconf team recently demonstrated at Campo Grande-Brazil an updated version of their BigBlueButton Android client supporting video.

Here’s a screen shot:

More screenshots available here.

They also gave a presentation of their progress to date. In his postto bigbluebutton-dev, Felipe Cecagno said their plans are to release the next version within the Android marketplace.

Can’t wait to see it — time to buy an android phone!

Easier localization of BigBlueButton

Easier localization of BigBlueButton

Thanks to contributions from our community, BigBlueButton is now localized in over thirty (30) languages.

This is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work to keep up-to-date, especially as the number of language strings increase with each release, and as the developers must review each update before commit.

To make it easier for our community (and our developers), we’ve adapted the localize server from the Drupal to create

Here’s a screen shot of

We created a YouTube Video to show how easy it is to contribute to localizing the language strings.

Finally, we integrated the localization server with our GitHub account to automatically push updates to the language strings into souce. See the announcement in for more information.
Thanks to Xie, Chen, and DJP for their initial effort to localization BigBlueButton. You guys made it possible for us to reach 30 languages.