BigBlueButton 1.0-beta Released

We (the core developers) are very pleased to announce the release of BigBlueButton 1.0-beta.

Our intent for this release is to increase opportunities for interaction between instructors and students. BigBlueButton 1.0-beta offers the following new features:

  • Polling – Presenters can now poll students for immediate feedback. The BigBlueButton client includes a feature that can automatically suggest the proper polling choices based on the content of the slide (we call this Smart Polling).
  • Improved video dock – The video dock now shows the webcams without boarders to give more visibility.
  • Emoji – Students can now use emoji icons (happy, neutral, sad, confused, and away) to give feedback in addition current raise hand.
  • Puffin Browser detection – BigBlueButton detects Puffin version 4.6 (or later) and enables the user to broadcast their microphone and webcam within a BigBlueButton session on a mobile device. The Puffin Browser is a mobile web browser supports the latest Flash engine over the cloud for iPad, iPhone and Android.

For details (with screen shots) see 1.0-beta overview.

Contributing organizations for this release:

  • Blindside Networks — Core development, documentation, QA, and release management
  • Seneca College — Client development
  • Mconf — Improved video dock, auto reconnect, and webhooks
  • ICES Corporation — Development and testing
  • HostBBB — Testing

BigBlueButton committers for this release:

  • Richard Alam – Lead architect
  • Felipe Cecagno – Client
  • Fred Dixon – Project manager
  • Tiago Jacobs – red5
  • Chad Pilkey – Client
  • Calvin Walton – Record and playback

This release represents over five months of focused development effort and testing, and we’ve been running builds of 1.0-dev on our demo server for over two months now, fixing all the issues we could find before beta release.

The goal of the BigBlueButton project is to enable remote students to have a high-quality on-line learning experience.  With each release we see an increase in adoption by the educational community.

“Our instructors love BigBlueButton. With our previous web-conferencing solution our users encountered many technical and usability problems that caused a lot of support effort on our part. With BigBlueButton, the support issues are almost non-existent. We are constantly impressed with the level of quality in this open source project.”

Marc Matthes, Dir. of Computer Networking Programs and Program Developer, Distance Learning Department, Iowa Central Community College

For instructions to install BigBlueButton 1.0-beta (or upgrade an existing 0.9.x server), see 1.0-beta install.

For details on the beta release process and the steps ahead before nearing release candidate, see our development process.

Add HTTPS to your BigBlueButton Server

We’ve published documentation on how to modify a BigBlueButton 0.9 server to support HTTPS.

For production servers, users are increasingly expecting content to be served from HTTPS. There is also another reason to support HTTPS: the upcoming Chrome 46, which is due for release soon, will not allow users to access their microphone via WebRTC unless the site is served from HTTPS (see post).

Therefore, if you are running your own BigBlueButton 0.9 server with WebRTC audio enabled, we recommend you configure the server for HTTPS. If not, after Chrome 46 releases, users will get the message Detected the following WebRTC issue: Could not get your microphone for a WebRTC call. Do you want to try Flash instead?.

Using Flash-based audio works as before, but if you upgrade the server to support HTTPS, WebRTC audio will work fine with Chrome 46 (and beyond).

Moodle Cloud Integrates BigBlueButton

Martian Dougiamis, the creator of Moodle and CEO of Moodle Pty, announced today the integration of BigBlueButton into Moodle Cloud, a free on-line version of Moodle available to teachers world-wide.



All teachers signing up for Moodle Cloud will receive an integration version of BigBlueButton, giving them the ability to interact with students in real-time from within a Moodle course. The integrated version is limited to 6 users in a session and does not support recordings.

The integration of BigBlueButton and Moodle gives remote students both a synchronous and asynchronous learning environments in one solution.  For more information see Moodle Launches MoodleCloud – Free Hosting for Educators.

BigBlueButton Summit VI

The sixth BigBlueButton developers summit was held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from May 4th to May 8th, 2015. During the summit the project committers and developers collaborated together (and developed together) for a week to advance BigBlueButton for the needs of the community.

Thanks to all the developers who joined us

  • Anton Georgiev
  • Calvin Walton
  • Chad Pilkey
  • Danny Perrone
  • Felipe Cecagno
  • Fred Dixon
  • Leonardo Crauss Daronco
  • Lucas Zawacki
  • Mateus Dalepiane
  • Max Doumit
  • Maxim Khlobystov
  • Oleksandr Zhurbenko
  • Richard Alam
  • Stephane Dame

And thanks to all the commercial companies that made this summit possible

  • Blindside Networks
  • HostBBB
  • iCES Corporation
  • Seneca College
  • Mconf Technologies

At the end of the summit, the team made two presentations on the status of the project and the plans ahead.  These presentations were made, of course, using BigBlueButton.  Here are links to the recordings for those who missed the live presentations.

Thanks to everyone who travelled Ottawa!

BigBlueButton 0.9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of BigBlueButton 0.9.0, our twelfth release to date.

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for on-line learning.

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 8.28.35 AM

Major features of this release include:

  • Improved audio using web real-time communication (WebRTC) support in FireFox and Chrome web browsers
  • Instructors can now choose which segments of the session are recorded using the Start/Stop Record button
  • Users now test their microphone before joining the audio bridge and, if they wish, can join in Listen Only mode

We believe every student with a web browser should have access to a high-quality on-line learning experience.  This release is a significant step towards that goal.

“We at National University College-Online Division are very happy with our change to BigBlueButton. With our previous solution we had over 50 support tickets/month. After switching to BigBlueButton, that number dropped to 6 or 7 tickets/month. With our previous solution we used to get tickets from both students and faculty. But now with BigBlueButton we are only receiving tickets from faculty which demonstrates how user friendly this solution can be for students.” says Mariangie del Valle, Senior Director, Information Technology, National University College-Online.

You’ll find detailed information on this release — including detailed overview, installation instructions, configuration, development instructions, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) at our new documentation web site

For short tutorial videos on using BigBlueButton see

The BigBlueButton client is localized in over 30 languages.  This localization effort is done entirely by our community.

We look forward to seeing educational institutions, commercial companies, and the BigBlueButton community at-large build upon this new release to delivery a high-quality on-line learning experience to remote students.