BigBlueButton Places in Mozilla Ignite Round #2

The BigBlueButton project is proud to announce that it was among the top projects that received funding in the second development round of Mozilla Ignite. See Mozilla Ignite’s blog post announcing the projects.

Since our last funding round, we have made some great progress on the HTML5 client: we conducted our first real world testing of the HTML5 client prototype with Dearborn Michigan Public Schools. Many thanks to Chris Kennenberg and Troy Patterson for their support.

We received $20k (USD) of funding from Mozilla Ignite in round two for supporting the development of an HTML5 + WebRTC client. Here’s a video of our round two pitch, which includes an overview of how we intend to invest the funds in the project.

Mozilla Ignite Round #2 Pitch

Here’s the recording of our pitch to Mozilla Ignite for funding during development round #2 for support to build the HTML5 + WebRTC client for BigBlueButton.

The pitch was given by Fred Dixon, Project Manager for BigBlueButton, and Troy Patterson, Technology and Media Coordinator for Dearborn Michigan Public Schools.  You can watch the recording on YouTube by clicking on the picture below or using the following link.

This was our second pitch to Mozilla Ignite.  Here’s a link to the first pitch.

BigBlueButton Presentation from Linux Users Group (Italy)

The Associazione GNU Linux User Group Perugia Linux Umbria Software recently uploaded a presentation by Giuseppe Maugeri on BigBlueButton. The presentation is in Italian, we didn’t understand a word of it, but we loved watching it.  If you can speak Italian, you’d probably enjoy it even more than we did.

You can view the presentation by clicking the image below.

Here’s the original tweet.

Campus Technology Magazine Covers BigBlueButton’s use at Carleton University

The January 2013 edition of Campus Technology Magazine ran an article titled Collaborating Via Web Conference: Advanced in video conferencing make it easier for students and faculty to work together that explores the experiences of a group of universities and colleges using on-line collaboration tools in the classroom.

One of the universities covered in the article is Carleton, based on Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In reflecting on Carleton’s experience with BigBlueButton, Patrick Lyons, Director of Instructional Technologies, stated:

As soon as Carleton switched to BigBlueButton, the adoption rate “went through the roof” — Patrick Lyons

You can view the article on-line here (free signup).

Testing BigBlueButton HTML5 prototype with Dearborn Michigan Public Schools

Last week we did our first external test a prototype BigBlueButton HTML5 client running on iPads (and we stress the word prototype here).

The test involved a group of high school students at one school giving remote presentations to middle school students at another school. The high school students used the BigBlueButton client running in a web browser, while the remote middle school students used only iPads (running BigBlueButton HTML5 prototype) to view the presentations.

We want to give BIG thanks to Chris Kennenberg and Troy Patterson at Dearborn Michigan Public Schools for organizational the test.   Below is a screen shot of the HTML5 interface.