Kansas City Gig Fest

Over the weekend of March 22-24th, three members from the BigBlueButton team (Chad Pilkey, Fred Dixon, Calvin Walton) journeyed to Kansas City, MO, to participate in the Kansas City Gig Fest. Our goal was to figure out how to hack WebRTC into … Continue reading

BigBlueButton HTML5 Prototype Running on an iPad

The BigBlueButton team has been working on creating an HTML5 interface for BigBlueButton. The first phase of the project is to create an HTML5 client that supports two-way chat, and one-way presentation, user list, audio and video.  We definitely want … Continue reading

Revisiting the HTML 5 UI Design

Revisiting the HTML 5 UI Design

Recently, at the BigBlueButton HackFest, Tyler Copeland, BigBlueButton’s UI designer created a revised user interface for the HTML 5 client. The revisions were based on using the current HTML 5 prototype, along with initial feedback from current BigBlueButton users.

BigBlueButton HTML5 Client Video #2

We’ve made more progress on implementing the BigBlueButton open source web conferencing platform as an HTML5 client since our first post two weeks ago. We’ve just uploaded video #2 that demonstrates the BigBlueButton HTML5 client synchronizing its slides with other clients (click on … Continue reading