New tutorial videos for desktop sharing on Mac OS X

The recent updates to Safari and FireFox on Mac OS X have introduced more security checkes for running Java applets. These checks appear as dialog boxes to the user when starting and stopping BigBlueButton’s desktop sharing. To help presenters use desktop sharing on Mac OS X, we’ve crated two new tutorial videos: Desktop Sharing on Mac […]

New Videos

We’re getting closer to the release BigBlueButton 0.81 (our eleventh release to date). Here are two new videos we’ve created that show how to use BigBlueButton from the perspective of a viewer and moderator/presenter. For Viewer: For Moderator/Presenter:   Enjoy!

Video of features coming in BigBlueButton 0.81

We’ve uploaded a short video highlighting the new capabilities in the upcoming BigBlueButton 0.81 (this will be our eleventh release).  This video was done using a development build of 0.81.  This video details our efforts to advance the usability, features, and modularity of BigBlueButton for our community. Specifically, the video shows for users unified users and […]

Pics from the Canada Moodle Moot 2013

As posted earlier, BigBlueButton had a BIG presence this year at the Canadian Moodle Moot 2013.   The conference organizers used BigBlueButton to broadcast events live we had a session to give everyone an overview of the project and its integration with Moodle. Here are some pictures from the event. Broadcasting Martin Dougiamas’s pre-conference workshop Remote […]

Early days of BigBlueButton

We recently came across this picture of a drawing by Richard Alam made during a presentation on the architecture of BigBlueButton in 2008. Since then, BigBlueButton has been in active development for over three years, but you can see the familiar pieces of red5, asterisk, pdf2swf and others are still there.