User Interface

New Videos

We’re getting closer to the release BigBlueButton 0.81 (our eleventh release to date). Here are two new videos we’ve created that show how to use BigBlueButton from the perspective of a viewer and moderator/presenter. For Viewer: For Moderator/Presenter:   Enjoy!

Revisiting the HTML 5 UI Design

Revisiting the HTML 5 UI Design

Recently, at the BigBlueButton HackFest, Tyler Copeland, BigBlueButton’s UI designer created a revised user interface for the HTML 5 client. The revisions were based on using the current HTML 5 prototype, along with initial feedback from current BigBlueButton users.

Updates to the BigBlueButton UI

For the current development of BigBlueButton 0.81 (which will be our eleventh release when it is finished), we are thinking about how we can take some of the HTML5-based design ideas (see link) and apply them to the current interface. … Continue reading

Simplifying The BigBlueButton UI

With the BigBlueButton open source web conferencing platform growing, we are always looking to push open source web conferencing tools further.  We also want to constantly improve the overall user experience. Hence, as with every release, we’re always asking ourselves … Continue reading