BigBlueButton Summit VII: Porto Alegre, Brazil

We just returned back from another great developer summit in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This was our seventh developer summit. The BigBlueButton project holds developer summits every six months to bring the core developers and committers together to review and coordinate development on the project, do code sprints, and enjoy some good meals and company together.

2015-11-19 19.15.51

The project has come a long way from it’s first developer summit. Now that we have released BigBlueButton 1.0-beta, looking back to previous summits, we can see how the earlier planning helped us to reach this milestone. At this summit we had the largest number of developers (19 in total) working together on the project.

      Alexandre Kreismann


      Anton Georgiev


      Calvin Walton


      Chad Pilkey


      Danny Perrone


      Felipe Cecagno


      Fred Dixon


      Gabriel de Campes


      Ghazi Triki


      Leonardo Daronco


      Lucas Freire


      Lucas Zawacki


      Mario Gasparoni Junior


      Max Doumit


      Maxim Khlobystov


      Oleksandr Zhurbenko


      Oswaldo Acauan


      Pedro Marin


      Richard Alam


    Tiago Jacobs

We thank the following organizations for helping make this summit possible:

Blindside Networks Inc.
ICES Corporation
MConf Inc
Seneca College

At the end of the summit, the teams made two presentations to the community (using BigBlueButton of course) on the main activities: BigBlueButton core and HTML5 client. For those that missed the live presentations, you can view the recordings below.

BigBlueButton Project Update

BigBlueButton HTML Client Update

Thanks to everyone who traveled to Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was a great time! If your looking for a place to hold a developer summit, we definitely recommend Nós Coworking

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