Build Upon Us

BigBlueButton is completely open source and made by a community of dedicated developers passionate about helping improve online learning.

How we started

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. The goal of the project is to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience.


Given this goal, it shouldn’t surprise you that BigBlueButton started at a university (though it may surprise you which one).   BigBlueButton was created by a group of very determined software developers who believe strongly in the project’s social benefits and entrepreneurial opportunities. Starting an open source project is easy: it takes about five minutes to create a GitHub account.  Building a successful open source project that solves the complex challenges synchronous learning, however, takes a bit longer.

There has been a core group of commiters working on BigBlueButton since 2007. To date there have been been over a dozen releases of the core product. For each release the committers have been involved in developing new features, refactoring code, supporting the community, testing and documentation.

We believe that focus is important to the success of any open source project.  We are focused on one market: on-line learning.  If you are an institution (educational or commercial) that wishes to teach your students in a synchronous environment, we are building BigBlueButton for you.

Interested in trying BigBlueButton

Check out the tutorial videos and then try out BigBlueButton on our demo server.