BigBlueButton is a Global Project

BigBlueBlueButton is currently localized in over 35 languages (thanks to contributions of language files from our community). To analyze the installs of BigBlueButton, we recently looked at the web logs for our apt-get repository. Each time a BigBlueButton VM starts for the first time, or each time a developer/administrator installs BigBlueButton from packages, it downloads

Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials

Trainspace, an Australian-based company, recently conducted a trial of BigBlueButton as part of the Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials, a program under the government’s National VET (Vocational Education and Training) E-learning Strategy (Strategy). The full report of the BigBlueButton trail available is available on-line.  It contains a good analysis of using BigBlueButton, along with survey

BigBlueButton 0.80 Released

We are pleased to announce the FINAL RELEASE of BigBlueButton 0.80. We’ve had the 0.80-RC3 candidate out for about two weeks and it’s looking good. For 0.80 final, we changed the labels, updated a few of the locales, and tagged the release in GitHub. It’s now done and available for download and installation. BigBlueButton 0.80

BigBlueButton at Jasig-Sakai 2012

BigBlueButton has presence at the Jasig-Sakai 2012 conference in Atlanta, GA (June 10 – June 14).

History of The BigBlueButton Project

All open source projects begin with an itch. We just added a page giving a History of the BigBlueButton project. It describes how it got started, its evolution, and a closer look at the core developers who have been working on the project — some over four years now!