Sakai Integration with BigBlueButton

Thanks to Nuno Fernandes and Adrian Fish for their recent release of a Sakai Integration for BigBlueButton. Here’s a link to the project’s page.

BigBlueButton Stress Test reaches over 160 Simultaneous Users

In a recent Stress Test, the BigBlueButton community achieved over one hundred and sixty (160) simultaneous users in a session. The screen shot to the right shows a user viewing eight other webcams during the stress test. You can see a full report of the stress test in this post to bigbluebutton-dev. (A PDF file

Ultimate Jaunty Server Setup

Perspectoff, the editor for Ubuntu Guide, has written the Ultimate Jaunty Server setup guide, which includes instructions for setting up a BigBlueButton server. Nice to know we were worthy enough to be included in an Ultimate guide.

Communications Enabled CRM

In the May issue of the Open Source Business Resource, Elias Majic describes his use of BigBlueButton with vTiger in his article Communications Enabled Customer Relationship Management.