Preview of Whiteboard

One of THE MOST requested features for BigBlueButton has been the addition of an integrated whiteboard. We’ve been working on this for a while now, and … wait for it… Denis checked in the first iteration of the whiteboard code into our Google Code repository this morning. You can try it yourself on our development

Welcome Summer of Code Students

We’d like to welcome two students to the bigbluebutton team. Neeraj Kumar and Marko Calderon will be working on BigBlueButton this summer, and hopefully a long time after that as well. Neeraj is a senior undergrad from Indian Institute Of Technology, Varanasi. He’ll be working mostly on the client side to improve the UI and

New Tutorial Videos: Viewer and Presenter

We’ve created two new tutorial videos for BigBlueButton. The first video shows you how to use BigBlueButton as a Student (Viewer). It covers chat, joining the voice conference, sharing your web cam, and resizing windows. The second video shows how to present information using BigBlueButton. It includes how to upload slides, make another user presenter,

TikiWiki integrating BigBlueButton into their CMS/Groupware project

Mark Laporte, the project leader for TikiWiki, a very powerful open source CMS/Groupware project, recently proposed integrating BigBlueButton into TikiWiki as part of their eLearning strategy. Looks like the proposal is getting a lot of support on the TikiWiki developer mailing list.