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BigBlueButton Community Call: Improving Accessibility

This week’s BigBlueButton community call highlighted the good work by Seneca College to improve BigBlueButton’s accessibility by students with disabilities.  Chad Pilkey and Justin T Robinson gave an update on their progress.  You can view the recording of their presentation here or click the image below (the presentation starts at around nine minute mark).   These contributions by

WebFWD Summit II

Mozilla is an global organization dedicated to open standards and web-based innovation. An example of their efforts is WebFWD: Mozilla’s open innovation program that supports open source projects that extend the web. Since last fall, BigBlueButton has been a member of WebFWD. Last week, two of BigBlueButton’s developers — Marcos Calderon and Fred Dixon —

bigbluebutton-dev hits 700 members

Back in July 2008, the bigbluebutton-dev mailing list had just 3 members. Today, as of 5:19 PM EST, we just accepted our 700th member. The peak traffic for bigbluebutton-dev was 977 posts in March, 2010. Shortly afterwards we created two new groups: bigbluebutton-users and bigbluebutton-setup to reduce the traffic. bigbluebutton-dev now averages between 200-400 messages/month.

Ubuntu packages for BigBlueButton 0.71-beta now available

Got a spare Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit/64-bit server? Want to try out the latest BigBlueButton 0.71-beta? See installing BigBlueButton 0.71-beta an Ubuntu. It takes less than ten commands and installs in less than fifteen minutes. When 0.71 is released, you’ll be able to upgrade 0.71-beta to 0.71 final with two commands: sudo apt-get update/sudo apt-get upgrade.

Breakout Rooms in 0.71

A new feature appearing in BigBlueButton 0.71 will be the ability to create breakout rooms. A moderator in the meeting will be able to select users and redirect them to a new meeting room with just a few clicks. This is useful in a situation where, for example, a professor wants to split a class