Category: Integration

Agora Learning integrates with BigBlueButton

Agora Learning, a learning Management System from Tree Learning, has integrated BigBlueButton into their learning management system. You can read more about it in their blog post BigBlueButton Supporting Elearning.

Docebo integrates BigBlueButton

Docebo, the company behind the Docebo Learning Management System, announced yesterday that they now offer integrated web conferencing using BigBlueButton.   According to their web site, over 12,000 organizations now use the Docebo LMS. You can see their blog post announcing the integration.  The blog post links to their integration manual (pdf) showing how BigBlueButton works within

Feeling some BigBlueButton Love

We’ve invested a lot of effort to make sure BigBlueButton has a really, really good integration with Moodle 2.x. Here’s a recent twitter conversation from some members of the Moodle community. BigBlueButton + Moodle FTW!        

Fedena 2.3 adds support for BigBlueButton

The Fedena Project announces it now supports a native plugin for BigBlueButton integration in Fedena 2.3, the latest release of its the open source school management software.  For more information, see Fedena 2.3 Release Notes. The ecosystem for BigBlueButton integrations continues to grow!

ATutor LCMS now integrated with BigBlueButton

Greg Gay, community manager of the ATutor Learning Content Management System, recently announced the ATutor integration module for BigBlueButton is now avaialble. Thanks Greg for the integration with BigBlueButton!