Category: Record and Playback

Lecture Capture with BigBlueButton

Two of the BigBlueButton developers, Richard Alam and Fred Dixon, gave a talk recently at the Software Developers Haven conferencing on the upcoming lecture capture work in BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton uses popcorn.js for HTML5 playback of recordings

Two words: popcorn.js rocks. We’ve been working on adding record and playback to BigBlueButton 0.8 for months (we’re almost ready for a beta). We had originally written our own HTML5 playback client for playback of slides + audio. This way, playback could occur within an HTML5 browser. By using HTML5, the playback would be very

Video showing record and playback in BigBlueButton 0.8 (internal build)

We’ve made this YouTube video showing the recording of a presentation (slides + audio) and its playback within BigBlueButton 0.8. The video was taken of an internal build of BigBlueButton 0.8. It shows the core APIs are in place to record a presentation, get past recordings, publish/unpublish recordings, and delete recordings.