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BigBlueButton and Carleton University

The BigBlueButton project started at Carleton University in 2007 (see History of BigBlueButton). On Monday, April 21, as part of the fourth BigBlueButton Developer Summit, the developers met at Carleton University with Dr. Steven Muegge, assistant professor with Carleton’s Sprott School of Business and Executive Director of the BigBlueButton Foundation.  See group picture below (Steve is second from

University of West Scotland wins commendation award for their case study on BigBlueButton deployment

The University of the West of Scotland recently received a commendation award from the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) for their case study on The technical and pedagogic issues of using BigBlueButton with distance learning at the University of the West of Scotland. The award is listed on the UCISA-Eduserv Award for Excellence page.

Campus Technology Magazine Covers BigBlueButton’s use at Carleton University

The January 2013 edition of Campus Technology Magazine ran an article titled Collaborating Via Web Conference: Advanced in video conferencing make it easier for students and faculty to work together that explores the experiences of a group of universities and colleges using on-line collaboration tools in the classroom. One of the universities covered in the article is Carleton,

BigBlueButton is used at Simon Bolivar University

It is always a good new to learn that a University or College around the world adds to the number of institutions using BigBlueButton for their regular classes. The Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela recently offered its teachers through a Technology Update Workshop, training in the use of BigBlueButton as the real time collaboration tool

Analysis on use of BigBlueButton in PSYC 1000

Bruce Tsjui, a Psychology professor at Carleton University, used BigBlueButton in his winter PSYC 1000 course consisting of approximately 100 students. Bruce has over 20 years experience in user interface design, and we asked him for his feedback on his experiences using BigBlueButton. We care a lot about constantly improving the usability of BigBlueButton, so