BigBlueButton – the world’s classroom –
is bringing together the teachers, administrators, and developers Who make online teaching possible.

The last fourteen months have radically reshaped teaching, and BigBlueButton has been at the heart of this change.  We’ve hosted hundreds of millions of students and millions of their teachers, across more than 55 different languages. 

BigBlueButton World is an opportunity for us to gather and learn from educators, administrators, and developers from around the world about what we’ve learned, what’s changed in education, and where we’re heading next. 


The conference is a wrap!  You can view all the recordings here.

11:00 AM ET: Keynote Speaker

Scott McLeod, Associate Professor of Education Leadership at University of Colorado Denver

11:45 AM ET: Panel Discussion

"Creating Engagement in the New ‘Classroom’: Lessons on keeping students focused with virtual learning"

Presented by Tia Andrighetti, Lorna Moloney, and others

12:30 PM: Panel Discussion

"A Thriving Minority: What students with special-needs can teach us about successful remote learning"

Presented by Dr. Wendy Thompson and Dr. Kathryn Welby

1:15 PM ET: Panel Discussion

"Billions of Teaching Minutes: What we’ve learned about student behaviour during a year of online learning"

Presented by teachers, administrators, and trainers from around the world.

June 21
For Educators

11:00 AM ET

Keynote Speaker: Malte Dreyer
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

"How BigBlueButton Supported the School Year in Germany"

11:45 AM ET

Dominique Mondry (Hochschule Darmstadt)


12:30 PM ET

Daniel Molkentin

"Case Study: Scaling BBB for Schools in Lockdown - from Scratch"

1:15 PM ET

1 - Jesus Federico (Blindside Networks)

"Scalelite Load Balancer Overview"

2 - Dr. Andreas Mundt

"Providing BBBs for Schools in Baden-Württemberg (South-West Germany)"

June 22
for administrators

11:00 AM ET

Keynote Speaker: Fred Dixon
Blindside Networks

"Roadmap for BigBlueButton"

11:45 AM ET

Anton Georgiev (Blindside Networks)

"Getting Started with Developing on BigBlueButton"

12:30 PM ET

Paulo Lanzarin  (Mconf)

"BigBlueButton's Media Stack and the Road Ahead"

1:15 PM ET

Bartu Banza (Liongate)

"Improving Privacy in Video Conferencing with Background Blur / Virtual Backgrounds"

Klaus Herberth (University of Konstanz)

"BigBlueButton Integration for NextClouders"

June 23
for developers

11:00 AM ET

Steven Muegge (Carleton University)

"Overview of the BigBlueButton Foundation"

11:45 AM ET

1 - Lukas Mocek (Chairperson at eBBBA - European BigBlueButton Association)

"Advocacy for BigBlueButton in Europe"

2 - Cliff Ashford (Monash University)

"Monash & BigBlueButton: delivering an outstanding student experience"

12:30 PM ET

Roland Alton (Fairkom)

"Adding Live Translation to BigBlueButton"

1:15 PM ET

1 - Felipe Cegagno (Mconf)

2 - Tiago Jacobs (iMDT)

June 24
for Commercial Partners