Community Support

The BigBlueButton community cares about helping new members (we were all new members at some point) understand how to use our software. Below are resources available to help you get started.

Community Support

BigBlueButton Setup – Get help with installation, setup and configuration of a BigBlueButton server.

BigBlueButton Users – Get help and give feedback about using BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton Developers – Ask questions and share experiences with other BigBlueButton developers.

Lista de correo en Español – Discuciones generales sobre el uso de BigBlueButton.

Discussions en Français – Discussions en français à propos de BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton Greenlight – This mailing list is for setup, configuration, and development questions related to Greenlight, the front-end for BigBlueButton.

When applying to any of the above mailing lists, be sure to indicate a reason for applying (even the word ‘Hi’ is fine :-). This way, the moderators can distinguish your application to join the mailing list from that of a SPAM bot.  

Getting Started Developing with BigBlueButton

Overview of BigBlueButton Architecture

BigBlueButton is comprised of over a dozen open source components, in addition to it’s core components. The architectural diagram will help you understand how all the components interact with each other.

How to set up your own environment 

This walkthrough will demonstrate how to set up the development environment for BigBlueButton. It covers three different components, including bbb-client, bob-web and bbb-apps.

Interested in trying BigBlueButton

Check out the tutorial videos and then try out BigBlueButton on our demo server.