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60 Simultaneous users with good quality audio

We’ve been working on improving the audio quality — specifically reducing the lag — in BigBlueButton. We held a stress test today in which we had 60 sessions connected from around the world and users reported good quality audio.

193 Simultaneous Users

Generic Conferencing just held a stress test for BigBlueButton 0.71. In his forum post, Jeremy Thomerson wrote “The more the merrier.” At one point we peaked at 193 simultaneous users. There were 45 users in the voice conference, with one user speaking (the rest were muted). Shortly after 193rd user joined, we tried to upload

BigBlueButton Stress Test reaches over 160 Simultaneous Users

In a recent Stress Test, the BigBlueButton community achieved over one hundred and sixty (160) simultaneous users in a session. The screen shot to the right shows a user viewing eight other webcams during the stress test. You can see a full report of the stress test in this post to bigbluebutton-dev. (A PDF file

Our demo server has been busy

Here’s a screen shot of activity this morning. That’s thirteen people from around the world logged into the server trying out BigBlueButton. Cool!