BigBlueButton New Release Announcement

The BigBlueButton project – the world’s only open source virtual classroom – is announcing its new release with added features that focus on improving the overall ease of use and interactivity that teachers from around the world have asked for (that’s the beauty of open source!).

Highlights include:

  • Improved ‘Raised Hand’ notifications

    All students with raised hands are now easily visible by the instructor improving visibility and improving interactivity.

  • Share audio when screen sharing

    Instructors using Chrome can now include system audio in their screen share (one of our most requested features), and Windows and Mac users can also include system audio when sharing a Chrome Tab, improving the overall context experience and engagement.

  • Connectivity Status icon

    A new icon changes state when network or performance degrades, thereby reducing the time to troubleshoot and improve the student experience.

  • Improved polling functionality

    Instructors can now use open-ended polling questions, such as “What are the rings of Saturn made of?”, to provide greater flexibility for engaging students.

  • Expanded breakout rooms

    We’ve doubled the number of breakout rooms to 16 improving small group experiences.

  • Individual multi-user whiteboard access

    Instructors can give specific students access to the multi-user whiteboard making interactivity more dynamic.


BigBlueButton is a global project with contributions from teachers and developers from around the world. Thanks to the community, BigBlueButton is now localized in 55 languages and used in almost every country.

Our mission is to empower teachers with the best virtual classroom experience for online learning.

Try the latest version at: