Integrate BigBlueButton Into Your Product

BigBlueButton is a fully open source solution for integrating real-time collaboration into your products.

Your platform for collaboration

Want to integrate web conferencing into your product or service?

Easy to install

BigBlueButton is fully packaged and tested for Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. You can install the entire product with just a few commands.

Open Source

The source code for BigBlueButton is hosted at GitHub. You can fork the code and extend BigBlueButton for your needs.

Built For Integrations

BigBlueButton's simple API gives you an easy HTTP interface for creating, joining, and ending meetings, as well as management of recordings.

Our active projects


BigBlueButton now uses a pure HTML5 interface that runs on mobile devices as well (iOS 12.2+ and Android 6.0+).  More →


The core BigBlueButton project has been forked over 3,200 times on GitHub and has frequent updates each week.   More →


You can setup an easy-to-use front-end called Greenlight. More →

Open-source and developer friendly

The community strives for collaboration amongst developers and have built in-depth documentation
to make it easy to setup, develop and integrate BigBlueButton into existing products.
Installation Guide

We've created an in-depth step by step guide on setting up your own BigBlueButton server.


You can completely control BigBlueButton meetings using the server's API.


BigBlueButton has a modular client that enables you to enable/disable components.


BigBlueButton is learning tools interoperability (LTI) 1.0 compliant.


Want to build upon the work of others? Check our our list of integrations.

Full Documentation

We have extensive technical documentation to help you install, setup, configure, and integrate BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton Developers

BigBlueButton is built with care by a world-wide community of developers and managed by a group of core committers.

Learn more about contributing to BigBlueButton →

BigBlueButton Community

Interested in trying BigBlueButton

Check out the tutorial videos and then try out BigBlueButton on our demo server.