BigBlueButton was created in a classroom, not a boardroom.
That’s important.


Our tutorials provide you with an introduction to BigBlueButton. These short videos highlight key features that help you teach, and help students learn.

Also visit our searchable Knowledge Base for help on using specific features of BigBlueButton.

Instructor Overview ​

This quick introduction will show you how BigBlueButton improves online learning by letting you easily create a more cohesive online classroom experience for students.

Student Overview

This is where we introduce students to BigBlueButton, we’ll show them how the tools work and how to take advantage of the BigBlueButton learning environment to meet and exceed their educational goals.

Pan and Zoom

Pan and Zoom allow you to show your lesson documents more effectively by making sure that your document appears perfectly, no matter what size screen a student is learning from.

Shared Notes

 Your ability to create and share a single set of notes for each session is an invaluable timesaver and makes it easy to keep teachers and students connected and on the same page.  

Shared YouTube Video

BigBlueButton makes it easy to share video content from YouTube, PeerTube, Vimeo, Canvas Studio, and any URL to a direct .mp4 or .mp3 file.

Live Closed Captions

BigBlueButton allows for live note captioning of lessons, making it easier to improve accessibility and help new language learners.

For even more tutorial videos, visit our BigBlueButton channel on YouTube!

Also visit our Knowledge Base for a searchable database of articles on mastering BigBlueButton.