InstructureCon 2024  |  July 9th – 11th

InstructureCon 2024
July 9th – 11th

Virtual Classroom Software

BigBlueButton is a purpose-built virtual classroom that empowers teachers to teach and learners to learn.

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BigBlueButton World 2024

June 25th – 27th, 2024

Registration is Open!

Sponsored by Blindside Networks, the creators of BigBlueButton.

Designed around real-world students, teachers and schools

Motivate students with built-in tools for applied learning

Easily see which students are struggling (and excelling!)

See the advantages of using a platform built upon pedagogy

Kim Blanchard, Director of Digital Education and Artificial Intelligence at Activate Learning

Our holistic approach along with BigBlueButton and Canvas has helped us achieve remarkable results. Students taking GCSE Maths and English online classes delivered using BigBlueButton have achieved a full grade point higher than the equivalent in-person classes. It’s a remarkable example of evidence-based learning in the virtual classroom.

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How Is BigBlueButton Different from a Virtual Conferencing System?

Watch our co-founder, Fred Dixon, demonstrate some of BigBlueButton’s differentiating features: 

  • Built-in visual assessment tools

  • AI-powered smart slides

  • Live analytics to actively gauge student engagement

  • Easy-to-use multiuser whiteboards

You Are In Good Company

A wide variety of educational institutions and organizations across the world have adopted BigBlueButton as their virtual classroom.

All The Resources You Need To Customize Your Virtual Classrooms

Customize To Your Organization’s Needs

BigBlueButton is the perfect tool for designing effective virtual learning experiences.


“BigBlueButton’s engaging teaching tools helped our tutors connect with their students online. Students’ consistent connections with their tutors is key to their future success, and BigBlueButton helps tutors maintain those connections.”

Kids' Club Spanish School

Alexis Fishbaugh


“Due to Covid-19, it forced us to investigate one platform that could integrate with multiple digital tools including BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton provided a robust, stable solution and had a big enough feature set that could support our standard of high engagement learning online.”


Marc Dembowski


“There are some functionalities that others don’t have , such as breakout rooms, whiteboard, and broadcasting of YouTube videos to all the participants. We also added a support for sharing videos from PeerTube, a French-developed, open-source YouTube equivalent. The academic community appreciated these functionalities. That’s why we made this choice to use BigBlueButton.”

French Ministry of Education

Laurent Le Prieur

The BigBlueButton Development Team & Community

BigBlueButton News

From new features and events to tips and customizations, check out what we’re doing at BigBlueButton on our quest to build the most engaging virtual classrooms!

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BigBlueButton: Built For Teachers

BigBlueButton was developed by the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program at Carleton University’s Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization in Ottawa, Canada, in 2007.

Educators appreciate the intuitive nature of BigBlueButton’s feature set, including tools that make it easier for teachers to focus students on the lesson. Features like screen sharing, a multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, easy group polling, and so much more foster collaboration and keep students engaged.

As a result, BigBlueButton has been deeply embedded into major learning management systems used worldwide. It has been adopted by Canvas, Moodle Cloud, Sakai, Jenzabar, D2L, and Schoology as their default virtual classroom. Together, these vendors comprise more than 75% of the worldwide market for LMS systems. Every day, millions of educators, and learners around the world, in over 65 languages, use BigBlueButton for their online classes. At 8:30 am, the world starts teaching with BigBlueButton.

Built For You

BigBlueButton’s ease-of-use adapts seamlessly to online teaching, office hours, and facilitating group collaboration.

Document Upload

Upload documents such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF and images


Use the virtual whiteboard for highlighting content​

Breakout Rooms

Get students engaged in collaborative learning​ with breakout rooms


Play video in low, medium, and high-resolution video options 


Communicate with your classroom in public and private chat​s


Test your students knowledge with polling

Multi-User Whiteboard

Encourage creative thinking with the multi-user whiteboard

Shared Notes

Use shared notes for easier group collaboration​

Screen Share

Intuitive screen sharing that keep students engaged

Hand Raise

Provide feedback during class by virtually raising your hand


Express yourself through our wide range of emojis​

Webcam Video

Share your webcam video during class and use custom backgrounds


Director of Computer Networking Programs and Program Developer, Distance Learning Department, Iowa Central Community College