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Install BigBlueButton in 15 minutes

Installation/configuration of BigBlueButton just got a lot easier.

We have released an install/setup script that automates the install steps in a single command.  This means, in most cases (depending on the server’s internet connection), you can quickly have your own BigBlueButton server ready-to-use in under 15 minutes.

We’ve always had detailed step-by-step instructions.  Recently, we put these steps into a BASH install script that will detect your network setup, install BigBlueButton, install a SSL certificate (thanks to Let’s Encrypt), and configure BigBlueButton to use your network and SSL.

Here’s a example of using to install the latest build of BigBlueButton 2.0-beta (xenial-200) on a server that has a fully qualified domain name

wget -qO- | bash -s -- -v xenial-200 -s -e

(This is just a sample command, your actual server would have whatever domain name you setup for it).  After installation, you can also use the “bbb-conf –secret” command to extract the server’s URL and shared secret for configuring an integration (such as the BigBlueButtonBN plugin for Moodle).

For a video overview using to setup a new server, see

For a guide on quickly installing/configuring your own BigBlueButton server (as well as the minimum server requirements), see page on GitHub.

The install script is open source as well :-).  We welcome feedback (use the issue tracker at GitHub) from anyone using this script to install the latest version of BigBlueButton (currently 2.0-beta).  




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