BigBlueButton World 2024  |  June 25th – 27th

Built for online learning


BigBlueButton was born out of the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program at Carleton University’s Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization in Ottawa, Canada, and was launched externally in 2007.


BigBlueButton is completely open-source and was created by a community of dedicated developers passionate about helping improve online learning. It is constantly evolving and improving through a dedicated, growing international user and developer community.

To date, there have been more than a dozen releases of the core product, and each new release has seen the development of new features, testing and documentation as well as improved community support.

Our focus is singular: support teaching with improved, on-line tools that allow teachers to connect with students in ways that are synchronized, collaborative and fun.

BigBlueButton: Built for teachers

The OSI helps to build a world where the freedoms and opportunities of open source software can be enjoyed by all. The OSI supports institutions and individuals working together to create communities of practice in which the healthy open source ecosystem thrives. BigBlueButton is an avid supporter of the Open Source Initiative and through displaying this badge, symbolizes our appreciation, respect and support towards their mission to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community.