BigBlueButton World 2024  |  June 25th – 27th

Deliver Effective Virtual Classes That Increase Student Engagement And Learning Outcomes

Built by and for educators, in the last 2.5 years, BigBlueButton has helped over a million educators deliver over 50 million hours of teaching. That’s a lot of student engagement beyond vanilla video conferencing.


We're integrated into a variety of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle 4.0, Canvas, Schoology, and much more. This means everything can be done within one place, and one application.


We provide you with fine grain control over visibility of webcams so you can focus a student’s attention on the videos or content – whichever is the most effective for your class at the moment.


Student engagement is key to achieving learning outcomes for students. Applied learning is more effective than passively watching the lecture. BigBlueButton comes packed with a variety of tools to help you engage with your students, including: built in state-of-the-art multi-user whiteboards, shared notes, polling, and breakout rooms.

Live Assessment

With live in-class analytics, BigBlueButton helps you identify struggling students early, giving you the ability to help them in the moment. Whether you’re teaching 5 or 50 students, there is no “back of the classroom” with BigBlueButton.

Greg Landy, Teacher and founder, College Prep Science

I've tried them all - Zoom, Teams, and Meet - and nothing compares to BigBlueButton's built-in capabilities to help me teach my online classes. It's intuitive, dependable, and backed by a team of developers that are constantly improving the product based on feedback.