Easier localization of BigBlueButton

Thanks to contributions from our community, BigBlueButton is now localized in over thirty (30) languages.

This is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work to keep up-to-date, especially as the number of language strings increase with each release, and as the developers must review each update before commit.

To make it easier for our community (and our developers), we’ve adapted the localize server from the Drupal to create


Here’s a screen shot of localize.bigbluebutton.org:

We created a YouTube Video to show how easy it is to contribute to localizing the language strings.

Finally, we integrated the localization server with our GitHub account to automatically push updates to the language strings into souce. See the announcement in bigbluebutton.org for more information.
Thanks to Xie, Chen, and DJP for their initial effort to localization BigBlueButton. You guys made it possible for us to reach 30 languages.




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