BigBlueButton World 2024  |  June 25th – 27th

MoodleMoot Global 2023 Recap

Sept 19th – 21st, 2023 | Gold Sponsor

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BigBlueButton at MoodleMoot 2023

This was a milestone MoodleMoot for BigBlueButton. The first code checking for the BigBlueButton integration was February 10, 2010. We’ve been working with Moodle for 13 years now. 

Looking back, the BigBlueButton plugin was the #2 most downloaded plugin during the pandemic (the number #1 most downloaded plugin was a theme).  In 2021 the BigBlueButton project achieved another milestone when Moodle HQ incorporated the BigBlueButton plugin into the core of Moodle with Moodle 4.0’s update. 

We now say that BigBlueButton looks like part of Moodle because we are part of Moodle.

#MootGlobal23 Conference Highlights

1 – BigBlueButton is a Certified Integration Partner (CIP), and we won CIP Growth Of the Year! Read more here.

2 – Co-Founder Fred Dixon’s presentation of How AI and Analytics are Shaping the Future Virtual Classrooms and BigBlueButton had a full room! The recording for the session is available below:

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What’s Ahead for BigBlueButton in 2023-2024

BigBlueButton has become the standard virtual classroom for many Moodle sites. In Moodle 4.3, you can extend the parameters to the BigBlueButton server via sub-plugins.

Of course, we’ll be at MoodleMoot 2024 in Mexico. We hope to see you there!

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About BigBlueButton

Our global mission is to make quality education available to every student on the planet. This mirrors UNESCO’s fourth sustainable development goal: Quality Education and underpins the other UNESCO’s 17 sustainability goals. It’s our goal as well.

To achieve this goal, we created BigBlueButton, an open source virtual classroom is now localized into over 55 languages (thanks to our global community).  BigBlueButton’s users include educators, students, educational institutions, commercial companies, and sovereign nations.

BigBlueButton is an open source virtual classroom solution for online learning that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen. It also allows participants to join the conferences with their webcams and invite guest speakers.

Learn more about the BigBlueButton Integration with Moodle, developed and supported by Blindside Networks

About Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2007 and manages its growth world-wide. We maintain the BigBlueButton integration with Moodle, which was merged into the core of Moodle and Moodle Workplace 4.0. Contact us to leverage our experience in helping world-class organizations deliver effective virtual classrooms with BigBlueButton.

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