BigBlueButton World 2024  |  June 25th – 27th

BigBlueButton World 2024
June 25th – 27th

BigBlueButton Makes Hybrid Learning a Success

If, as a teacher, you want to use all the possibilities of hybrid learning for your students, then you need the best web conferencing software to make it a success. With BigBlueButton, you have come to the right place. Our software is specifically aimed at education and will support you effortlessly. It makes no difference whether you prefer a learning method that is still relatively new. We are well-acquainted with virtually all learning methods, both traditional and modern.

The Term "Hybrid Learning" Does not Mean the Same Thing to Everyone

We are aware that the term “hybrid learning” is used rather arbitrarily. Indeed, we closely follow new developments to educate students as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our system is an innovative answer, and we want it to stay that way.

What one teacher calls “hybrid learning” is “blended learning” for another teacher. A third teacher will call it “mixed-mode instruction” or something else. Various terms circulate, and not everyone gives them the same definition. Since in Canada, both provincial and territorial governments set up and run their own school systems, it can take a long time to come up with a unified term that is accepted by all. Whatever didactic strategy you use to combine offline and online education, you can be sure that you will discover the appropriate video conference tool in BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton is Highly Customizable

Because BigBlueButton is open source, it’s constantly evolving based on the needs of educators all over the world. It is easy to set up, implement and launch thanks to our step-by-step guide. BigBlueButton’s help function is extensive, but because the setup of the system is so intuitive, you rarely need it. If you run into problems, we’ll gladly help you out on your own, at least if our communities don’t do it faster. The members of our various communities can relate perfectly to your situation since most of them are teachers just like you. Incidentally, if your school runs an LMS like Moodle, Canvas or Chamilo, we can serve with an LMS integration into your package.

Do you have a small kindergarten class or want to teach a group of 100 students at the university? Both scenarios are equally possible with BigBlueButton. Even if you are mainly teaching individual students privately, this is easy. Even multiple teachers can teach simultaneously through BigBlueButton. Are your viewers located in Canada or somewhere abroad? Our servers can run 24/7. You don’t have to worry about any transmission delays. The delays for long-distance messages are negligible.

Strong Features to Optimally Support You in Hybrid Learning

There is nothing you can do in a traditional classroom that you can’t also do with BigBlueButton. Or should we say, there is no classic classroom that you can’t combine with online learning. All you need is a computer with a stable internet connection. You are physically present wherever you wish, in the classroom, in a meeting room or at your home. You also decide on the physical location of your students. With BigBlueButton, you are all together in “the same place at the same time”. But even this is not a requirement because you can also record your course and play it back later as a webinar. By the way, did you know that your students can also log in with iOS and Android phones or tablets? A desktop or portable computer is not an absolute requirement.

A favorite feature among teachers who deliver their hybrid learning course through BigBlueButton is the ability to enter URLs of sound and video clips and display them in the main room. Our systems work well with YouTube, Vimeo, and Canvas Studio. You run the tutorial from start to finish if you wish, but you can also pause it at locations where you find it useful to provide your students with additional explanations.

As a moderator of an online course, you want to be in control of the buttons. At times when your viewers need to be quiet, you ensure this in just a few clicks. If you are working with a colleague who has prepared a presentation, you can ensure that only they are speaking. The options for Mute/Unmute, Private/Public chat, Closed captions give you the flexibility you need to keep everything on track. Finally, there is the practical Whiteboard for multiple users and Shared Notes.

Converting your Objectives for Hybrid Learning

Write down your specific requirements for the hybrid learning system you usually work with and contact us. We will give you access to the high-performance BigBlueButton online classroom tool and set you on the right path to preparing it for your courses. Our users are delighted to have mastered BigBlueButton so quickly. Unlike other web conference tools, BigBlueButton does what you want it to do, not the other way around. You teach your classes without having to worry about technology.