BigBlueButton's 16th Developer Summit

The BigBlueButton project concluded its 16th developer summit from November 28th to December 2nd 2022 at the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, Berlin. 

The primary goal of the summit is to advance the state-of-art of BigBlueButton with developers designing and prototyping with the global BigBlueButton community.  Over 35 developers, administrators, schools, and companies attended the summit and worked together throughout the week.

At the end of the five days, the teams demonstrated their work in a series of eleven presentations, many of them showing proof-of-concepts developed throughout the week.  

We invite you to check out these presentations below to see where the BigBlueButton project is focused and headed in 2023.



BigBlueButton Developers

To see the full playlist, click here.

Playlist Overview:

Whiteboard Vision – A prototype of giving educators a birds-eye view of students working on individual whiteboards. This will enable the instructor to easily identify students that are struggling and give them feedback.

Breakout Vision – Like Whiteboard Vision, we want to give educators a birds-eye view of breakout room activity.

Planned UI improvements – We want to make each release of BigBlueButton easier and simpler to use. This presentation reviews some of the ongoing UI work in both current and upcoming features.

Emojis in Chat – Everyone loves emojis.  We explored making it easier to add more emojis in the chat.

QR Codes – A UI design for doing polling in classes using QR codes.

Instant Meeting Page for GreenLight 3.0 – Adding a quick-start page to the upcoming GreenLight 3.0 to allow instant and ad-hoc meetings without requiring a login.

Mobile SDK Demo – A look at the ongoing work to create a native mobile client for BigBlueButton.

Live Transcription with Vosk – Running Vosk (in Docker) on the BigBlueButton server to provide live transcriptions for sessions.

BigBlueButton Stress Testing Results – We used a local University’s 600+ computers to run stress tests on the latest build of BigBlueButton.

Client side GraphQL proof of concept – We did a deep dive into GraphQL to see how we might improve the communication between the BigBlueButton client and server. 

Using Docusaurus for BigBlueButton Technical Documentation – We prototyped moving the entire over to Docusaurus to make it easier for developers to search and update documentation.

Closing keynote for the 16th BigBlueButton Developer Summit – A look back at the week’s summit and ahead at 2023.

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