BigBlueButton World 2023

July 12th – July 14th, 2023 | Virtual Conference

BigBlueButton World 2023

The Future of Online Learning

We invite you to join us at BigBlueButton World 2023 and participate in keynotes, panel discussions, and learn about the future of virtual classes and BigBlueButton. You’ll hear from industry experts in online learning, core members of the BigBlueButton project, and members of the community sharing their experiences.

Register to attend – it’s free – and see the latest developments and new features to be added to BigBlueButton!

Schedule at a Glance

BigBlueButton World Virtual Conference is an opportunity for us to gather as educators, administrators, and developers from around the world and share what we know, and where the future of edtech is headed. 

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Register to join sessions on the day of the event…it’s free! 

Conference Schedule

11:00 AM ET: BigBlueButton's Road Map

Presented By:  Fred Dixon, Co-founder, BigBlueButton Inc. 

12:00 PM ET: The future of AI in Education Roundtable.

Fred Dixon and a round-table of educators - Allison Powel, Stephen Ladek, and Jon Fila - will explore the future of AI in education. 

1:30 PM ET: Building Bridges: Upcoming Plugin Architecture for BigBlueButton

Presented by: Tiago Jacobs, iMDT

2:00 PM ET:  How we built a software for digital live content with BigBlueButton that can do much more than standard webinar software

Presented by: Lars Lockemann, LiveBridge GmbH

2:30 PM ET: "I don't like to talk in class": Rethinking formative assessment

Presented by: Jeniah Jones, Florida State College at Jacksonville 

3:30 PM ET: Building The Online Classroom of Tomorrow: A discussion on the experience integrating The Product Design process into the BigBlueButton Project

Presented by: Tyler Copeland, Blindside Networks


July 12
The Virtual Classroom: Now & Next

11:00 AM ET: PILOS - an easy-to-use open source front-end for BigBlueButton servers with a built-in load balancer

Presented by: Samuel Weirich
Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen - University of Applied Sciences

11:30AM ET:  Four Features Coming to BigBlueButton: Timer, Questions, Present Webcam & Reactions

Presented by: Lucas Zawacki
Mconf Technologies

12:00 PM ET: GraphQl Architecture Review and Migration Strategy

Presented by: Tainan Felipe, iMDT

12:30 PM ET: Improving Video and Audio with WebRTC

Presented by: Paulo Lanzarin, Mconf Technologies

1:00 PM ET: Scaling with ScaleLite

Presented by: Ahmad Farhat and Jesus Federico, Blindside Networks and Thierry Kauffmann, Arawa

1:30 PM ET: xAPI events visualization

Presented by: Sheila Uberti, Mconf Technologies

2:00 PM ET: Giving Instructors Superpowers to Engage Students with Whiteboard Vision

Presented by: Kert Browne, Blindside Networks

July 13

11:00 AM ET: A Look at tldraw 2.0 and How BigBlueButton's Whiteboard Will Get Even More Awesome

Presented by: Steve Ruiz, tldraw

11:30 AM ET: BigBlueButton Recording Management with Opencast

Presented by: Lars Kiesow, OpenCast

12:00 PM ET: Coming Advancements in BigBlueButton Plugin for Moodle 4.3 (and beyond)

Presented by: Shamiso Jaravaza, Blindside Networks

12:30 PM ET: Unlock the Full Potential of BigBlueButton with BBBeasy: Streamlined Room Management

Presented by: Ghazi Triki, RIADVICE

1:00 PM ET: A Big Improvement in BigBlueButton's front-end: GreenLight 3.0

Presented by: Ahmad Farhat, Samuel Couillard
Blindside Networks, Inc. 

1:30 PM ET: Embedding BigBlueButton into other learning management systems using LTI

Presented by: Mariam Almalki, Blindside Networks

2:00 PM ET: Scaling BigBlueButton with GraphQL

Presented by: Gustavo Trott, iMDT

July 14

About BigBlueButton

We are a project with a global mission. 

Our global mission is to make quality education available to every student on the planet.  This mirrors UNESCO’s fourth sustainable development goal: Quality Education and underpins the other UNESCO’s 17 sustainability goals. It’s our goal as well.

To achieve this goal, we created BigBlueButton, an open source virtual classroom is now localized into over 55 languages (thanks to our global community).  BigBlueButton’s users include educators, students, educational institutions, commercial companies, and sovereign nations.

The BigBlueButton World Conference 2023 is an annual gathering of the global community.  If you are interested in online learning, we invite you to attend and participate!

Conference Sponsors

Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks are the creators of BigBlueButton. Globally available, Blindside Networks provides premium BigBlueButton hosting and services support which help teachers and students unlock the full potential of BigBlueButton through the customisation of many of the best features of the platform.

Blindside Networks Inc. uses BigBlueButton and is not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.


Mconf is a Brazilian company with over 10 years experience developing video conferencing solutions based on BigBlueButton to meet various needs (see, our virtual classroom, and, focused on court hearings). Mconf actively contributes to the development and improvement of BigBlueButton and is the company that hosts the BigBlueButton Summits in Brazil.


With a rich 20-year history, iMDT has been indirectly involved with BigBlueButton right from the start, as we were actively engaged in the development of the Red5 media server, which formed the foundation of the initial version of BigBlueButton. Since those early days, our commitment to BigBlueButton has only grown stronger. Supported by a partnership with BlindSideNetworks, we work on daily basis to improve BigBlueButton, shaping the future of this remarkable platform.


The Apereo Foundation works to increase the awareness and adoption of open source software in and for education. The Foundation supports open source projects used in thousands of colleges and universities worldwide. Our international community of educators, developers, academic institutions, and commercial partners deliver industry-leading open source software serving the academic mission.

think modular

think modular is an Austrian full-service provider with a focus on international settings (learning, networking, conferencing across the globe). We offer simultaneous translation embedded in BigBlueButton and maintain the official BigBlueButton-Drupal Integration.