Free BigBlueButton service for Moodle

This page describes the free BigBlueButton service provided by Blindside Networks for Moodle 4.0+.

The free BigBlueButton service has the following restrictions:

  1. The maximum length for each session is 60 minutes
  2. The maximum number of concurrent users per session is 25
  3. Recordings expire after seven (7) days and are not downloadable
  4. Student webcams are only visible to the moderator

BigBlueButton is open source and you have many options for upgrading BigBlueButton.

1. Setup your own BigBlueButton server

Like Moodle, BigBlueButton is open source!  You can setup a new server Ubuntu 18.04 server, install the latest version, and configure the BigBlueButton plugin to use your server.

2. Engage your Moodle Partner

If you are hosting your Moodle site with an official Moodle Partner?  If so, reach out to them directly as they may be able to provide you hosting for BigBlueButton.

3. Use a commercial provider for BigBlueButton hosting

BigBlueButton development and hosting is supported by a number of companies that provide commercial support.