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BigBlueButton 0.80 Released

We are pleased to announce the FINAL RELEASE of BigBlueButton 0.80.

We’ve had the 0.80-RC3 candidate out for about two weeks and it’s looking good. For 0.80 final, we changed the labels, updated a few of the locales, and tagged the release in GitHub. It’s now done and available for download and installation.

BigBlueButton 0.80 is the tenth release of BigBlueButton. This release has gone through 4 betas and 3 release candidates. We believe the focus of BigBlueButton’s development should be stability, usability, and features (in that order).

BigBlueButton 0.80 represents our most stable and tested release to date. We believed it will provide a solid platform on which other open source projects and commercial companies can build upon.

BigBlueButton 0.80 offers

  • Recording of session
  • Playback of recordings in HTML5
  • Reduced latency in audio
  • Updates to the API (to support record and playback)
  • Integration with Matterhorn

For more information, please see the Release Notes. For installation/upgrade instructions, please see Installing BigBlueButton 0.80

We wish to give a BIG THANKS all the members of our community who contributed their time and effort to help develop, document, and test this release.

Our goal with BigBlueButton is to enable remote students to have a high-quality learning experience. If you are an education organization or commercial company with remote students, we’re building BigBlueButton for you.


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