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Analysis on use of BigBlueButton in PSYC 1000

Bruce Tsjui, a Psychology professor at Carleton University, used BigBlueButton in his winter PSYC 1000 course consisting of approximately 100 students. Bruce has over 20 years experience in user interface design, and we asked him for his feedback on his experiences using BigBlueButton. We care a lot about constantly improving the usability of BigBlueButton, so we asked him to be complete in his feedback: if there were areas for improvement, we wanted to hear it!

For PSYC 1000, all the lectures were given in a lecture hall where the student attended in person. For the tutorials, however, students had a choice of either attending in person or remotely using BigBlueButton. The tutorials were held on fridays from 3:30-4:30 and, to increase the overall attendance and participation, attendance at the tutorials accounted for 20% of the student’s grade.

Three of the 10 tutorials were given using BigBlueButton throughout the semester. In the survey, 37% of the students liked to remotely attend using BigBlueButton and 39% liked face to face experience — a result which Bruce examines in analysis on use of BigBlueButton for winter PSYC 1000 (recorded using BigBlueButton).

Thanks again Bruce for putting together this feedback — especially your UI recommendations at 0:30:18!


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