Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials

Trainspace, an Australian-based company, recently conducted a trial of BigBlueButton as part of the Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials, a program under the government’s National VET (Vocational Education and Training) E-learning Strategy (Strategy).

The full report of the BigBlueButton trail available is available on-line.  It contains a good analysis of using BigBlueButton, along with survey results such as asking the effectiveness of BigBlueButton as an educational training tool.

The report also gave a number of recommendations for improving BigBlueButton (with our comments on each recommendation):

  • Keyboard text entry into whiteboard – This improvement is on the road-map (and we’re working on getting it into the next release)
  • Break out rooms – It’s not planned for the next release (0.81), but it`s also on the roadmap.
  • More instructions at login regarding use of headsets removal of noise when headsets not plugged in -Agreed!
  • Polling – Seneca College recently implemented a polling module that we working on integrating.

Big thanks Trainspace for obtaining funding for this trail. We think their report provides a valuable resource for anyone considering using or deploying BigBlueButton.


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