BigBlueButton Developer Summit XI: Porto Alegre, Brazil

The BigBlueButton development wrapped up its 11th developer summit (we hold them every six months with the global development community).  This summit was held in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Over twenty developers (onsite and remote) participated the week of development from Blindside Networks, iMDT, and Mconf Technologies, Seneca College, and Riadvice.

The week of development focused on advancing BigBlueButton HTML5 client.  We released an updated developer build of the HTML5 client that implements support for

  • multi-user whiteboard
  • upload presentation
  • support for WebRTC in iOS 11

We also updated the HTML5 documentation for Overview of HTML5 and Design of HTML5.

You can try out the latest build of the HTML5 client on  Want to contribute to the development of the HTML5 client, see  HTML5 client install instructions and setting up a development environment for the HTML5 client.

As with each summit, we made a number of update presentations the end of the week.

BigBlueButton project update

HTML5 client update

New features in the HTML5 client

Video Sharing in HTML5 client

HTML5 client accessibility and testing

Thanks to Nos Coworking for providing space to host the summit.


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