BigBlueButton World 2024  |  June 25th – 27th

Developer Summit XII (with videos)

The BigBlueButton core developers recently wrapped up its 12th BigBlueButton Developer summit, held in Seneca College, York Campus (Ontario, Canada).

Between May 23rd and May 27, developers from Seneca College, iMDT, Mconf, and Blindside Networks collaborated together for a full week on implementing new features,  planning the product road map, and hunting (and fixing bugs).

A big focus of this summit was advancing the BigBlueButton HTML5 client.  The HTML5 client is designed to enable mobile users (Android and iOS 11+) to participate in an live BigBlueButton session. During the summit, we tested the accessibility of the mobile client, updated its support webRTC video and screen sharing (using Kurento), and implemented more presenter features (such start/stop recording).

As with all past summits, the teams gave presentations to the community on the last day (using BigBlueButton of course).

Project Overview (YouTube Link)

HTML5 Client (YouTube link)

The next summit will be in November, 2018.  If your organization is interested in providing facilities for the next summit, feel free to drop us a note (ffdixon .at. bigbluebutton .dot. org).

We want to give a BIG thanks to the Center for Development of Open Source Technologies for providing their facilities for hosting summit for the week.   It was a great week!




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