InstructureCon 2024  |  July 9th – 11th

InstructureCon 2024
July 9th – 11th

DimDim acquired by

DimDim is ending contributions to their open source project.
If the acquisition of DimDim makes you think the open source web conferencing market is shrinking, it’s not. It’s actually growing.
A successful open source project is not just about software, it’s about building a healthy ecosystem in which users, companies, and developers all finding benefits in contributing to improving BigBlueButton.
Take a look through our growing developer mailing lists. Do a twitter search on BigBlueButton. Check out our open source integrations. Or set your own BigBlueButton server (it will take you about fifteen minutes if you have a spare computer with Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit or 64-bit), or try our demo server.
You see that BigBlueButton is growing and giving you a real open source choice.
DimDim is going away, but BigBlueButton is here to stay.

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