Sakai User Conference Report

Fred Dixon and Denis Zgonjanin, two employees of Blindside Networks, demonstrated BigBlueButton last week to the over 400+ conference attendees in Denver, Colorado.

The buzz around BigBlueButton began on the first day when it was featured during the developer bootcamp sessions as “a showcase example” of a how to integrate with Sakai (thanks again to Nuno Fernandes and Adrian Fish for their first-class Sakai Integration for BigBlueButton).

When showing BigBlueButton, we started off each demo with the phrase “While are many commercial web conferencing systems, we are trying to build for you a good open source alternative for distance education.”

We received lots of positive feedback and kudos on the BigBlueButton project, which reflected very well on all the committers who have been working hard on this project over the past three years.

It was our first exposure to the Sakai community, and the community is very strong. In particular, we enjoyed meeting with Scott Siddall and the others from Longsight who are exploring offering BigBlueButton directly to their customers. We look forward to working with them and attending future Sakai conferences and events!


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