InstructureCon 2024  |  July 9th – 11th

InstructureCon 2024
July 9th – 11th

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Community Call: Progress on 0.81

The BigBlueButton development team held another community call on Wednesday at 4PM EDT. The agenda was to give everyone an update on the progress towards

BigBlueButton Community Call: July 11, 2012

BigBlueButton developers recently held an open session (the first of many to come) with the community.  Users participated from Porto Alegre (Brazil), Cupertion, CA (USA), Central IL (USA), Toronto,

BigBlueButton is a Global Project

BigBlueBlueButton is currently localized in over 35 languages (thanks to contributions of language files from our community). To analyze the installs of BigBlueButton, we recently

WebFWD Summit II

Mozilla is an global organization dedicated to open standards and web-based innovation. An example of their efforts is WebFWD: Mozilla’s open innovation program that supports

This post made our day

This post in our bigbluebutton-users mailing list made our day. Hello Fred & Team, I thought this would give you a chuckle, my department has