BigBlueButton Summit VI

The sixth BigBlueButton developers summit was held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from May 4th to May 8th, 2015. During the summit the project committers and developers collaborated together (and developed together) for a week to advance BigBlueButton for the needs of the community.

Thanks to all the developers who joined us

  • Anton Georgiev
  • Calvin Walton
  • Chad Pilkey
  • Danny Perrone
  • Felipe Cecagno
  • Fred Dixon
  • Leonardo Crauss Daronco
  • Lucas Zawacki
  • Mateus Dalepiane
  • Max Doumit
  • Maxim Khlobystov
  • Oleksandr Zhurbenko
  • Richard Alam
  • Stephane Dame

And thanks to all the commercial companies that made this summit possible

  • Blindside Networks
  • HostBBB
  • iCES Corporation
  • Seneca College
  • Mconf Technologies

At the end of the summit, the team made two presentations on the status of the project and the plans ahead.  These presentations were made, of course, using BigBlueButton.  Here are links to the recordings for those who missed the live presentations.

Thanks to everyone who travelled Ottawa!


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