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Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials

Trainspace, an Australian-based company, recently conducted a trial of BigBlueButton as part of the Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials, a program under the government’s National

This post made our day

This post in our bigbluebutton-users mailing list made our day. Hello Fred & Team, I thought this would give you a chuckle, my department has

Steve Boneham’s Review of BigBlueButton

Thanks to Steve Boneham — a consultant that offers research, development and training in web design, podcasting, digital video, social media & e-Learning — for

Comments from Chris Kenniburg

Chris Kenniburg, Web Master for Dearborn Schools (Dearborn, MI), checked out our beta WordPress plugin for BigBlueButton and in this recent blog post he wrote:

D’Arcy checks out BigBlueButton

D’Arcy Norman gives his impressions of trying out BigBlueButton. Once observation he made: What is missing in BigBlueButton is … the ability to record meetings/classes

Keeping an eye on BigBlueButton

In this blog post about the recent Blackboard acquisition of Wimba and Elluminate, Geoff Cain wrote I will be watching Blackboard closely on how they

Less is More

Paul Left, an educational writer in NZ, wrote that BigBlueButton … appears to have fewer features but it has enough to be a very effective

Communications Enabled CRM

In the May issue of the Open Source Business Resource, Elias Majic describes his use of BigBlueButton with vTiger in his article Communications Enabled Customer