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BigBlueButton is a Global Project

BigBlueBlueButton is currently localized in over 35 languages (thanks to contributions of language files from our community). To analyze the installs of BigBlueButton, we recently

Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials

Trainspace, an Australian-based company, recently conducted a trial of BigBlueButton as part of the Australian 2012 Emerging Technology Trials, a program under the government’s National

This post made our day

This post in our bigbluebutton-users mailing list made our day. Hello Fred & Team, I thought this would give you a chuckle, my department has

Tightwad Tech #95 – BigBlueButton

Fred Dixon, one of the BigBlueButton core developers, was recently interviewed by Mark Cockrell and Shawn Kibel of Tightwad Tech in episode #95.

BigBlueButton 0.8-beta-4 Released

The BigBlueButton core development team is pleased to announce the release of BigBlueButton 0.8-beta-4.  We have added fit-to-width to the presentation window, giving presenter the ability