HTML5 Client

This page contains overviews videos for the new HTML5 client.

Unlike the Flash client, the new HTML5 client runs on desktop, laptop, chromebook, and mobile devices (iOS 12.2+ and Android 6.0+) without requiring any plugins or extensions.  You’ll also find the HTML5 client loads faster, is easier to use (than the previous client), and provides more ways for you to engage students (such as sharing YouTube videos).

For desktop and laptop computers, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome or FireFox.  

For mobile devices, we recommend using Chrome on Android devices and Safari on iOS devices.  The HTML5 client runs within the browser: there is no app to install.  If you want to try out the client anytime, visit our test server at  

Viewer overview (student)

Watch this video if you are going to use BigBlueButton.  If you are teaching with BigBlueButton, also watch the video to the right.

Moderators/presenter overview (instructor)

Watch this video if you are going to present or teach with BigBlueButton.


Pan and Zoom

A look at the support for Pan and Zoom in the HTML5 client.

Shared Notes

Collaborating with your peers on a single set of notes for the session.

Shared YouTube Video

Presenters can share YouTube video’s and synchronized playback to all users. 

Minimize Presentation Area

Minimizing the presentation area to provide a video centric experience.