InstructureCon 2024  |  July 9th – 11th

InstructureCon 2024
July 9th – 11th


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Activate Learning Empowers Learners with BigBlueButton

June 19, 2024

Success Story: Activate Learning Empowers Learners with BigBlueButton Activate Learning is a progressive and global education group, committed to transforming...

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A man engages with a computer screen.

Boosting Student Engagement in Online Teaching: The Webcam Dilemma – Part 2

May 16, 2024

Welcome to Part 2 of our specialized blog series, geared to address teachers’ concerns about monitoring student engagement when students...

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A woman engages with her computer screen in a classroom.

Boosting Student Engagement in Online Teaching: The Webcam Dilemma – Part 1

April 12, 2024

In Part 1 of this two-part series to help you increase student online engagement, we address one of the biggest...

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BigBlueButton Developer Summit 18 in Berlin, Germany

BigBlueButton 18th Developer Summit Recap

April 5, 2024

The BigBlueButton project concluded its 18th developer summit from November 27th to December 1st 2023 in Berlin, Germany.  For over...

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Online Learning Features inside BigBlueButton

5 Online Learning Tools That Support Bloom’s Taxonomy

December 18, 2023

Virtual Classrooms are enhanced when educators have the tools to implement proven learning models in online learning environments.  Developed by...

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BigBlueButton 2.7 feature release

New Engagement Features in BigBlueButton 2.7 Release

November 27, 2023

Emojis, Camera Layouts, Timers and More! The BigBlueButton project is pleased to announce the release of BigBlueButton 2.7 with features designed...

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Moodle Certified Integration Partner Award Certificate - 2023

BigBlueButton Winner at Prestigious Moodle Certified Integration Partners Awards 2023 

October 24, 2023

BigBlueButton a Winner at Prestigious Moodle Certified Partner Awards 2023 Moodle, the world’s most popular open-source LMS, has awarded BigBlueButton...

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BigBlueButton At MoodleMoot Global 2023 Recap

October 19, 2023

BigBlueButton sponsored and attended MoodleMoot Global 2023 from Sept 19-21. Here, you can see the highlights from the conference.

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BigBlueButton At InstructureCon 2023 Recap

August 17, 2023

See the Highlights of BigBlueButton at InstructureCon 2023!

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